Google Maps: The cacophony of complaints continue, links to the dead?

I have in the past noted the number and similarity of complaints to the Google Maps For Business Group. I have also noted the need for more more staff support for the group. The other day the summary of the daily conversations seemed to embody all of that and then some. Many of the complaints have a familiar ring but the link to a dead person complaint offered a new twist on the merged record problem. Here are the posts for the day taken verbatim from the group:

Phone number not displayed in Local One Box Results
  Recently Google stopped displaying my business phone number in the Local One Box summery however if you click on details it shows my phone number. Is there a checklist I should go through to figure out what happened? Yellow Pages has a different phone number for my company so they can track which customers called from their ad. Is it possible that the… more »

By aplusperfect Mar 11 new of 1 message


automated category selection…
  I get that Google wants to automatcially select a category it thinks best suits a business, so why do they ask us for categories? I created an entry for our daycare center and used “daycare, preschool, private school”. All of these make perfect sense. Google put us in “Colleges and universities”. I know why. We are called:… more »

By Corey Mac Feb 291 new of 1 message


Bulk Feed Upload still Awaiting next update after 4 weeks
  Hello, I uploaded a bulk feed list file on Jan. 31st 2008 and it doesn’t appear to be working. On my administration page for business location lists all statuses as following: Awaiting next update. Changes take up to 4 weeks to appear on Google Maps As i understand it, this status should report Active if they are live…. more »

By Eric Feb 29 1 message


URGENT My business listing is linked to a dead person URGENT
  I have a business listing and the name is incorrect. I made a request to edit the business listing Feb 12 and it is still not corrected. The link is costing me many concerns with my career and business as linking to a dead prior agent can be viewed as improper on my part. I NEED to remove the name Sam Carrello from my address. THIS is an… more »

By chris caraisco Feb 29 1 message


  Can anyone tell me why my business is not showing up under the local business. It was and now I do a search and it will not find it?

By TAB Feb 29 1 message


Does Bulk Upload Work? What is verified?
  Does bulk upload work? There seems to be many messages about it does work, doesn’t work, has stopped working, takes a long time, etc. Is there any definitive statement on whether this function is currently working (as of 2/29/08)? and How long is it taking for bulk upload submissions to show up?… more »

By Jim Feb 29 1 message


Wrong categories
  I have posted both of my business under services attorney’s and servies legal aid. My business does not show when you do a earch for an attorney in my city. When you do a search of the business name one of them comes up under colleges and universities and the other comes up under dentist and orthodontics…. more »

By Mike Feb 29 1 message


At wits end on how to get on Google Maps local directory
  Please can someone help as this is keeping me awake at night. We have a guest house in Oban Scotland. ( The Old Manse in Oban). Since the introduction of the local directory with Google Maps – which now comes up first in any search – we have seen our bookings go down the pan. We used to come up… more »

By ronac Feb 29 1 message


Postcard Mailer Problem
  Hello, I’ve got multiple locations for the same business that I’m trying to list on Google maps. I can only verify my listing via the postcard mailer because the phone goes directly to VM. Some of my locations have received the mailer and others have not. I’ve tried to re-send it a couple of times to locations that did not get the mailer, but with… more »

By Raven Feb 29 1 message


Adding a Category
  Hi I have been trying for ages to try and get our business listed under a category that actually fits what my company does. I have noticed that there is a company in North Vancouver that shows the Category they are listed in as Leather. I cannot find this Category anywhere. I wholesale leather to interior designers, so when… more »

By DragonFly Surfaces Feb 28 1 message

When Google finally fixes Maps it might very well precipitate a midlife blogging crisis for me. I won’t know how to spend my time.:)

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
Google Maps: The cacophony of complaints continue, links to the dead? by

8 thoughts on “Google Maps: The cacophony of complaints continue, links to the dead?”

  1. I know that this is very frustrating for many people. You would think that something like Google Maps results which takes up the top real estate on many searches would have a larger team devoted to making this feature more accurate and faster to update etc.

  2. Hi Art

    It isn’t clear to me what Google’s priorities are. What I see and what the typical searcher sees may not be the same thing and these problems while real to the small business people may or may not represent a significant % of the problems the searchers face when interacting with Google

    That being said, these small business people should be viewed by Google as a powerful early warning system. If the business owner has heard about the problem from a customer and has taken action, they probably represent a significant proxy of the problems that are occurring. Certainly the repeating nature of the complaints and the effort that these folks have put into tracking down a solution should give Google pause for thought and hopefully action.


  3. Fascinating list Mike. It would be interesting to do a follow up in a week or two of this sort….

    hey Mike (wrong categories complaint from 2/29/08.) Did you get a response and did the categories issue get resolved.?



  4. Hi Dave-

    That’s a different Mike. I posted about YourPainIsReal (ah yes isn’t it) merged data on Feb. 27th to which I have not received an answer.

    Doing a follow up in several weeks would unlikely show much movement.


  5. Wow, a day in the life of Local Business Owners!

    If they keep asking the same questions, will Google finally get tired and fix the problems?

    I believe there’s a parable in the Bible that goes exactly like that about a widow and a corrupt judge.

    Interesting to see this highlighted, Mike!

  6. Mike:

    Excuse my mistake. I should have used a different writer’s name for clarity.

    The point is …wouldn’t it be neat to go back to all those writers and ask if they got help, assistance, or clarity after two weeks or so.



  7. I find the one of the most interesting aspects of these Google Groups posts is there is primarily only 1 viewing for each post. In other words, nobody from Google responds in any way. I don’t care what the answer might be, but at least answer someone. It’s a case study in how not to treat ‘customers’. If Google’s goal is to present relevant information to searchers, you would thing that Google would help people who are only trying to help them accomplish this.

    Full Disclosure, I’m the Jim from post #5 on the Google Maps Group. It’s been a week, no response at all, I doubt there will be.

    P.S. Yahoo maps was up and running flawlessly for all 27 sites I submitted.

  8. Hi Jim

    Thanks for stopping by. Google seems to have someone stop into the groups about 1 every two weeks. You will see a burst of responses from Jen or Silene in one fell swoop and then they will go quiet. They never catch up with the backlog nor have they been forthcomng with answers.

    I would agree that bad customer services is worse than no customer service.


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