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Nokia and Google battle for the mobile web – Jack Ewing, businessweek

With the cell phone fast becoming an Internet entry point of choice, the handset maker is grappling with Google over the wireless Web

Geo-blogging with Google Maps – Scott Gilbertson, Wired

Tony Hirst, who also created the amazing Google Calendar-on-a-map mashup we told you about last month, is back with a new Yahoo Pipe that makes it dead simple to blog from within Google Maps.Taking advantage of Google’s MyMaps feature, which allows you to create and customize your own maps, Hirst has created a Yahoo Pipe that can parse the output of your map and turn it into a geo-aware RSS feed — perfect for adding a location context to your posts.

Google Earth Founder promises rural images in Google Earth to improve – Desmoines Register

Ohazama also said that Google Earth technicians are trying to update data in more rural areas, such as Iowa…. Imagery they receive for these areas tends to be washed out, so they’re currently cleaning it up so it doesn’t look like big “gray blobs,” he said, although he wasn’t sure when Iowa’s data would be refreshed.

Google Static Map api – Google Blogoscoped

I didn’t realize how valuable this could be until Google Blogoscoped showed the simple code required to make it happen. Lots of SMB websites need nothing more

...The Static Maps API seems like a nice alternative to the full-blown JavaScript API – it’s not interactive, but a little more accessible.

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