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Evidence Clear: Better Usability = More Mobile Internet Usage – Greg Sterling Localmobilesearch.com

AT&T Mobility president and CEO Ralph de la Vega reportedly told audience members at the GSMA Mobile World Congress Thursday that 95% of iPhone owners surf the mobile Web, although only 30% had done so before. About half have also watched videos on the iPhone via YouTube.

Google Gets What It Wanted from C-Block Auction – Greg Sterling, LocalMobileSearch

[Google] doesn’t have to build the infrastructure but it may reap the benefits of the required openness attaching to the C-Block of 700 MHz spectrum…..That winner will have to allow “any legal device” to access the network. Thus any Android phone would be allowed to operate, as well as devices such as the iPod Touch or perhaps the iPhone itself. 

Local Search Keyword Analysis  – ConvertOffline.com

A nice piece of research showing the relative frequency and structure of Sevice+Locale and Locale+Service searches.

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  1. Thanks for the mention Mike. Looking at the combo of links above, I was reminded of the mobile search query analysis I read recently (put out by att&t ?). The most striking thing about that was the LACK of local queries.

    It’s a fascinating time to be in this isn’t it?

  2. Well if iPhone users aren’t looking for local info no one will be. I think that local mobile is undergoing massive change as a result of the iPhone. I would love to have a look see at the Google logs to see what they are looking for.

    It is a fun time, that is for sure.


  3. I read Local Hound’s blog post. Great stuff. I’ve been doing that kind of thing for years and continuously expanding it. It is amazing how one can generate more and more local traffic by continuously expanding on Search Hounds research.


  4. I really….really like search hound’s analysis and discussion. Most of my relevant local/small business traffic stems from long tail phrases in organic search that combine geographical and business terms.

    There are always some powerful sources for links. While you gotta dig for many of them, Craigs list is the most obvious.

    I’m starting to experiment and get some additional traffic from directed social media sites focused on the local side of social media. Its beginning to work but I’ve got a long way to go to learn about it and expose its potential power.

    His comments about navigational type searches are pretty nifty and very valuable.

  5. EarlPearl-

    Could you expand on the comment “starting to experiment and get some additional traffic from directed social media sites focused on the local side of social media”. What sort of site are you talking about?


  6. Mike: my efforts are too new to report results and we’re trying things and changing them on the fly.

    facebook is very local. tagger.com allows you to identify members by region/city. linkin does that also.

    There are a bunch of ways to do this. I’m experimenting, reading about the efforts of others and frankly new to the game.

    I’ll be better able to report on this later.


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