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Last week I received an automated email from Yahoo Local that hit the target for automated communications. It sent me relevant information in a timely fashion about something that I cared about. I was impressed. I had encouraged Google to follow a similar path. But alas not all surveys work equally well.

MerchantCircle must have been reading my blog as they also sent along a request to fill out a survey. While the email and survey were an improvement over MerchantCircle’s previous bait and switch (see here and here) promotional efforts the survey still didn’t quite make the grade. email.jpg

The survey questions all seemed pointed to MerchantCircle wanting to know how good of a prospect I was rather than what information I might provide to actually improve their service:


MerchantCircle has a history of less than stellar promotions. This one, like all of theirs, came unsolicited and filled no particular need of mine. It seemed like they were more interested in my money than in my opinion. Again, another lesson to be learned. They are getting better, but still a ways to go.

I can only imagine what their sales promotion manager is like. Here is the full survey if you would like to look at all of the questions.

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  1. I have received voice recorded messages from Merchant Circle in the past and thought very little of them (other than they are violating telecommunications laws that we stopped long ago, but wish we could continue…) until I heard this one (would like to send a recorded copy to post here)… where it said a customer wants to know if we are a legitimate business, blah, blah, blah but what really got my attention was their use of and I quote: “go to your Merchant Circle page on Google…” Like they are trying to legitimize their company as if they are Google… Yes, I was confused and went to look them up when I found all these blogs of complaints about MC smarmy business tactics… Come on MC, you are what gives business a bad name! Coincidently, my website is down for updating which is perhaps why I really “got” MC message.


    Above is the link for the BBB conplaints! YOU ARE ALL NOT ALONE!!!

    Here is a different name and phone number that has a real persons voice on the answering machine!

    CONTACT: Kevin Leu MerchantCircle +1-858-361-4407

    I would also call the Los
    Altos Chamber of commerce at
    (650) 948-1455
    Attorney General and/or Public Utility Commission

    Check out this link!

  3. …. this is plain stupid – why would a company with a potentially good business model want to blow it at such an early stage?

    I had an account with them (free) which ranked well on Goog etc but no longer trust them so spend my ad $$$$s elsewhere.


  4. I have been a member of MC since December of ’08 and I have yet to experience any of the negative things that have been happening to others. Am I one of the few luckiest people in the world? Listing my business there has only helped me in securing some truly great leads and a few good jobs. Maybe I should try the lottery next?

  5. @JD

    I am not sure that 3 months of “good behavior” makes up for years of bad but I am glad to her that they possibly turning over a new leaf.

    My sense is though that they only help small business find leads if the the small business doesn’t optimize properly for local search. Thus MC often comes out higher than the website for a given business. So I wouldn’t so much credit them as note that it is probably an effect of a poorly designed/marketed/optimized local website.


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