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Semmy’s Local Search Winner: Anatomy & Optimization Of A Local Business Profile – Chris Silver Smith, Search Engine Land. The official results are at the SEMMYs website. If you haven’t read this article yet, it well worth a read.

A Local Look At Microsoft’s Bid For Yahoo – Greg Sterling, SearchEngineLand

Microsoft: “We have not made decisions at that level, such as what to do with maps or mobile products. Every alternative is on the table. We will evaluate all those options and decide. We’ll pick whatever we think is the best options.” 

Garmin announces the nuvifone  -Joshua Topolsky, Engadget.com

In reporting on MacWorld Highlights: On The Future Of Mobile it struck me that the only category that Apple had not yet entered of mobile computing was the GPS market. This phone while still 6 months off has the feature set that might make for interesting mobile computing with a GPS focus.

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