Google Maps: Return of the Reviews Screenshots

Here are two screen shots that show the view on the search:Restaurant Bradford Pa in the main search results page before and after the return (most?) of the reviews from CitySearch etc.

Before Reviews were Added Back In (View full size ):


After Reviews Added Back In (View Full Size):


Several items of note:
• There was a reranking of the results that was at least influenced by the availability of the reviews
•In the after screen shot the top 5 all had reviews although not in drect relation to rank
•It appears that some reviews have been removed. Note Togi’s Family Restaurant had 2 before and no reviews after. Same for Farm Family restaurant.

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
Google Maps: Return of the Reviews Screenshots by

3 thoughts on “Google Maps: Return of the Reviews Screenshots”

  1. Well, I’d say the Glendorn restaurant is feeling pretty happy right now, eh?
    Those 18 missing reviews put a whole different face on their results. Nice comparison shots, Mike.


  2. Hi Miriam-
    Yes that seems to be the case. I think that the reason that they are not #1 is that their business, their website & their reviews are mostly about their resort not their dining. The reviews are mostly not from dining sites.

    Don’t you wonder though where Todi’s reviews went? As I recall they were bad reviews.


  3. Sorry, I lost track of this post.

    Yes, I absolutely wondered where those reviews went, Mike.

    And they were bad ones, huh? Wonder if they were spammy ones that got deleted by Google? I swear, I keep finding that one man’s spam florist posts all over the place.


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