Google Search – Just how local can it go?

In a post today, Google Letting Addresses into AdWords? Greg Sterling pointed out that Google appears to be allowing street address as a 4th line in the adwords (see Therapia lower right in image below). As Barry Schwartz points out below he first saw this in early December.

What struck me about the search result page (message San Francisco)was the number of changes implemented over the past year that integrate more local information onto the main search results page. Notice how much closer at hand local information and Google Maps is in general and how many local inflections Google has added to the page beyond just the Local OneBox.


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Google Search - Just how local can it go? by

9 thoughts on “Google Search – Just how local can it go?”

  1. Mike it could also be that some local businesses aren’t really all that local. Some might suggest that they have a ‘generic’ local address without actually having a bricks-and-mortar location in the local area.

    Instead of being available for people to walk into their offices they might have a toll-free phone number instead.

  2. Stuart-

    I think you have hit upon it…when I clicked on the ones with just city, they either had addresses in the surrounding area, had multiple address or were national sites like citysearch.

    It appears that this would give the truly local ad that serves the local market with a bricks and mortar presence a leg up.


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