Most read articles for 2008

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  1. Hi Mike –
    Hey, I missed a couple of those posts. Nice to go and read through some of them and to re-read the ‘First Case of Google Abuse’ again. Those comments from a Mr. Sanchez that appeared in that post were a bit rough, but you handled them with aplomb.

    Reading back through your blog post about a Local link campaign made me wonder if you’d given thought to editing that post to reflect the citysearch change. Doubtless, folks are going to continue to reference that post as a great one on local linkbuilding, but it’s still linking to citysearch as a good place to get references. Of course, there could still be benefit in being listed in citysearch, but not, it would seem, for onebox rankings, eh?

    It’s one of things I worry about sometimes regarding Internet information. There are articles on my site I’ve rewritten 3 times over the past few years because the information in them became outdated and I’ve been concerned that someone would read the article and not be getting the latest take on things. Stuff like Google won’t index dynamic URLs > Google can index dynamic URLs with 2-3 parameters > Google can index pretty much anything with enough links pointing to it, etc.

    Just a thought.

    Happy New Year, Mike!

  2. Hi Miriam-

    Thanks for the comments and constructive feedback. And thanks for going back and reading the blog entries!

    Interestingly, I tried to contact Mr. Sanchez privately and draw him out a bit more…I was curious why he was so vested in the outcome….whether was was doing the SEO work or whether it was his company but alas….

    R.E. going back…I haven’t really thought about it….I have trouble thinking about going forward often enough that the idea is a bit daunting…perhaps I should add a tag line to my blog “All content subject to change at a moment’s notice or Google’s whim”.

    If I were to “go back” it would more likely be to reexplore the same search phrase with the same methodology to see how the outcome had changed.

    The blog entries to some extent mirror the fluidity of local search over time…change is the only constant in this arena. Any experiment in the local world is a “snapshot” in time and place and I would expect that readers would do their own work in their own industry before religiously applying anything that I have written.


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