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As noted in WRAL.com there is a new local search engine, WhatsOpen.com that is now open.

WhatsOpen is an intriguing service with an even more intriguing about us page. Their approach to local search is not the standard who, what or where but rather what and when. They ask a question that even folks familiar with their own local scene frequently ask.

Just type in the name of the store you’re looking for, and your location….Results are displayed on a Google Map mashup, with listing of stores, their hours of operation, their phone numbers and their distance from the city center appearing in a left-hand column.

Users choosing to sign up for the full beta of the version get access to information from the U.S., the European Union and China along with mobile phone applications Google Android or iPhone.

An interesting report of agressive marketing & billing practices in the Local SEM space in the Google Maps for Business Group.

In Restless Pursuit of Craigslist’s Success – Bob Tedeschi, NY Times

The NY Times writes a glowing report about The Kijiji unit of eBay in their pursuit of Craig’s List. At the end of the article Kijiji’s opportunities were put in perspective by Greg Sterling:

Even without such features, though, Craigslist added nearly seven million users during the last year. That should be enough to give pause to Kijiji and other competitors, according to Greg Sterling, of Sterling Market Intelligence, an advertising consultancy. “There are other sites, like Google Base, with nicer features for users, but they haven’t dented Craigslist,” he said.

Windows Live Expo from Microsoft, another free classified ad site, has also struggled to gain an audience. “The more competition there is, the more it reinforces Craigslist’s users,” Mr. Sterling said. “So Kijiji is going to have to take a long-term view if they want to gain any traction.”

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3 thoughts on “Local Links of Interest”

  1. Mike,

    I don’t know why, but your eLocalListing mention caught my eye. So, I went and did a little review of their site.

    On this page: elocallisting [dot] com/howitworks.html they tell you what they’re going to do. As it turns out, they’re selling an “Optimized Profile Page”.

    The shame of it is that businesses don’t have a clue and need to be wary of this kind of stuff.

    The problem with these “Profile” pages or proxy sites as some others do is that, beyond the claims of aggressive marketing and billing, the business never owns it like they do with real SEO and website promotion.


  2. Hi Will-

    Yes that does appear to be a double whammy doesn’t it…one wonders whether it is their own telemarketing team or if they have outsourced that to a different (aggressive) company as well…

    I have never quite figured out over promise and under deliver as a long term business proposition but I guess like mapspsam it demonstrates that Local is “coming of age”.


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