Google Maps: LBC Coupon Bug?

This Google Local Business center coupon bug was reported today in Google Maps for Business Group. I have not verified this but there have been a number of reports of coupon problems.

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Date: Mon, Dec 24 2007 7:50 am
From: The Refinisher

I asked a similar question yesterday. See this link to my

I found out that if you do not choose an expiration date for your coupon, then it will work. It is a Google Bug. I know this is not the
answer you are looking for, but it is all I could find. I had to manually add my own expiration date on my coupon.

On Dec 23, 11:21 am, “t…”
> How do you get the coupon to show up on your business map?
> What I did or tried;
> 1). I went here
> 2). Clicked on the coupon tab, filled in all required fields, pressed
> continue at the bottom.
> 3). Read all the Editorial Guidelines.
> And it still dosn’t show up in MY Local Business Center, Locations
> Control Panel.
> Thanks

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11 thoughts on “Google Maps: LBC Coupon Bug?”

  1. Great:

    I just entered a coupon without an expiration date to see if this works. Last time I tried an incentive coupon with real savings and an expiration date. Of course it never went up over about a five week period. Fortunately the coupon wasn’t critical.

    Suppose I entered a coupon with savings and couldn’t get the manual part of this to insert an expiration date? Suppose I couldn’t delete the coupon? One problem makes me suspiceous of others.

    The traditional effectiveness of coupons is to use them to incentivise sales with discounts for a definitive time period.

    Its too bad Google hasn’t been willing to tackle this bug on a timely manner.


  2. Dave

    Let me know how it works…yes it is too bad…there hasn’t been that much complaining about it but then again they haven’t removed any of the spam identified last week either…I think manually inserting the date should be a no brainer….and as long as a date is on the coupon, the deletion issue while bothersome would not be a deal breaker,no?


  3. Well Mike:

    The coupon is not visable. The local business center account says active. The coupon was added without a date on it. C’est la vie.

    Guess what? I reported in to you about this before Google Groups.

    And you are right. Assuming it was working and the coupon went up, and if I could have edited it manually to add an expiration date that would be great.

    Unfortunately, not even step one is working on Google’s side.

    Based on what you reported above it looks like the NY Times has figured this out.


  4. Yes you did…I just didn’t pay good attention to what you said….that will teach me.

    Keep me posted on how long it takes for your coupon to show up, if ever. Hopefully it will make it prior to expiration 🙂


  5. The coupon is showing today. Hm…maybe this does work. Now I’ll see if anyone at all references it. If so I’ll try one with a $ incentive and hand change the date from never expires to an expiration date.

  6. Robert-

    Did you put an end date on your coupon? If so that appears to still be a bug….if you just entered the coupon without an end date or entered the end date as coupon text you should be ok…


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