Google Maps being used for Philly fraud update

Updated 12/23/07

Google has yet to remove this Mapspam. I have included additional spam details at the end of this post. Does anyone know the economics of having this many phone numbers?

When searching on Philadelphia PA 19125 Locksmith but I found this response of intense interest:

The reviewer Jack, has been busy tracking these folks down.

Here is the link to the spam that Jack is trying to expose.

One of the things intrigueing about this mapspam is the use of such a large number of different telephone numbers. The total numbers are of interest as well: 1,699 for 0 & 0 24 Hour Locksmith near Philadelphia, PA 19125. That’s a big number for one city.

It’s a surprise that any numbers are left for the rest of Philly.

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
Google Maps being used for Philly fraud update by

6 thoughts on “Google Maps being used for Philly fraud update”

  1. Gosh, that surely looks bad. My guess is that Jack got ripped off big time by these spurious locksmiths, and the multiple addresses are certainly damning. But will people read this as a legitimate bad review, think it’s a competitors’ sabotage, believe it? I wonder.

    Good find, Mike.

  2. I think government or some high officials should take some strict action against the scammers and the people who is doing fraud in Locksmith business. I feel bad that their are such people who try to rob people by scamming them. Thanks for sharing this article is really helpful 🙂

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