Now taking nominations: The 2007 Top 10 List of the Bizarre, Funny and/or otherwise Irrelevant blog entries in the Search World

rubber_nominee.gifWe are now accepting nominations for:The 2007 Top 10 List of the Bizarre, Funny and/or otherwise Irrelevant (or Irreverent) blog entries in the Search World.To add a sense of gravitas to this exercise I have invited Bill Slawski and Greg Sterling to act as judges. To honor the SEM world’s grace while shamelessly promoting the industry and others in the industry, I have asked Rand Fishkin and Danny Sullivan to also act in the capacity as judges. And for balance and impartiality I have asked Matt Cutts (answer pending) to be the final arbiter in case of ties or other disputes (Mapsguide Jen has been disqualified as some of the nominated articles may be about her. She has acted in the capacity of comic foil for the whole year so why stop now?).We are now taking nominations. Oh and the rules.There are no rules as to whom or what you can nominate to be on this list with two exceptions:1)In the vein of shameless self promotion I am allowed to nominate my own stories/entries and2) You may also suggest your own categories and entries for those categories ( a hint…great category with but a single entry could be a winner and achieve world wide distribution…well ok I only have 380 regular readers but I am working on that).3)Judges, employees and their families may participateWhat do the winners get? Besides glory and 15 seconds (its a fast paced industry) of fame, you ask? Glad you asked: The Rubber Chicken Award of Literary Excellence to hang on your wall I mean blog (I am way too cheap to actually pay for a wall plaque).Copyright Notice: This blog entry may be copied in whole or in part AS LONG as there is a link back to my site or not. Some restrictions may apply** The link should preferably be from a page with a PR of 4 or higher, it should ideally be in page or category that retains high page rank AFTER it has dropped off the front page. Nofollows are prohibited except where required by (Google’s) law. Sphinning is allowed but preferred if done by groups of 20 or more. Due to server limitations (and fear of controversy) Digging is prohibited BUT stumblupon is encouraged. However if you are inclined to Digg refer to the first rule above.

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
Now taking nominations: The 2007 Top 10 List of the Bizarre, Funny and/or otherwise Irrelevant blog entries in the Search World by

34 thoughts on “Now taking nominations: The 2007 Top 10 List of the Bizarre, Funny and/or otherwise Irrelevant blog entries in the Search World”

  1. In the spirit of full disclouse Matt is not on the team yet. His closely guarded secrecy has yet to be breached. I have sent missives via my emmisaries but have yet to hear back as to whether he will participate.

    If he does participate, it will be as arbiter as opposed to judge. That is for 2 reasons…1)He is obviously very busy and as arbiter he would just have to make a decision in case of a tie in which case he could just throw a dart and 2)As an arbiter he will not be privy to the secret ranking algo that we are in the process of developing to rank these articles. We felt it only fair that he attempt reverse engineering OUR masterpiece of ranking for a change.

  2. Pops- Bias is good…we are making no guarantees of fairness here…

    Just a reminder that you will get bonus points for the category that you create to ‘hold” you submission.

    For example in the category:The incredible nexus of technology and new age religion I am nominating my own interview with Mapsguide Jen called
    Google offers new solution for Mapspam removal: Goodoo

    Thanks for the submissions and keep them coming.


  3. This blog is not very PC but it is definitely the funniest seo blog that I have ever read. It’s not just one post that’s funny it’s all of them.

    For the category of Worst SEO Blog

    I nominate SEOHack for the following…

  4. In the vein of self promotion, I nominate two posts: is a spoof on George Bush’s Mission Accomplished speech. was our April Fools contribution, which we attempted to stay as close as possible to the language one would expect to find in a press release while lacing it with Irony. Pay attention to the name’s of the people quoted.

  5. From Rand on vaca in California….so I am posting on his behalf:

    Aww, shucks. I was hoping someone would nominate one of Geraldine’s posts –,, or Rebecca’s most
    recent dive into rare search terms –

    I’m in San Diego on vacation, but should be able to get to these sometime
    this week.


    Rand Fishkin
    CEO, SEOmoz

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