Today’s Google Mapspam report – 70% chance of rain

There has been an increase of late in reports of MapSpam in the Google Maps for Business Group with three reports in the last day. As Mapsguide Jen, our intrepid guide to the netherworld of MapSpam, had warned us in August: “these types of issues may also become more prevalent”.

Some of these Mapspam exploits are subtle and one has to marvel at the intricacies of their elegant implementation. However with some instances of Mapspam one can only marvel at the crassness and apparent unsophisticated nature of the attempt.

Of note in that regard is the newly reported mapspam exploit by the Gurus2go Onsite Computer Service. They have recently (?) created 1188 entries to Google Maps throughout the US.

Unlike TechPros in the original mapspam, they didn’t bother using addresses in most of their listings. Does Google Bulk Upload not require addresses? Did Google close one bulk upload crack and open another?

The on-site computer repair business seems to be a magnet for these types of efforts. Maybe the same SEM firm is selling the same trick multiple times to unsuspecting (?) clients. Hey for all I know its the same on-site repair guys, I haven’t really checked.

The forecast for tomorrow? Let me know what you think the future of mapspam holds in 2008 and beyond.

Gurus2Go Mapspam

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Today's Google Mapspam report - 70% chance of rain by

7 thoughts on “Today’s Google Mapspam report – 70% chance of rain”

  1. David/Earl

    Well as they say (actually as Bob Dylan says) “You don’t need a weather man To know which way the wind blows”.


    PS I know that EarlPearl loves my dated musical references 🙂

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