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Google may be a distance second in mapping to Mapquest, be struggling to gain a solid number one position in Local search, have but one cell tower and 0% market share of the cellphone OS system market but you wouldn’t know it from their coverage in the search and mainstream press. They seem to be getting 90% of the market share of news on their efforts in local and local mobile of late:

• google has even bigger plans for mobile phones (WSJ)

•Google Maps Goes Wikimapia, Lets The People Move The Map Points (Greg Sterling – SearchEngineLand)

•Google: ‘Seven Figures’ Have Used the LBC (Greg Sterling – Screenwerk)

• Monetizing Google Platforms? (Bill Slawski – SeoBytheSea.com)

Here a few interesting forum discussions about Google Maps and its effects on local websites (thanks to Dave):

•How To Get My Business To Show Up As A Map In Google SERPs (WebmasterWorld)

•Is Google Maps important for your Web site? Better Get into the top 3!!! (SEORefugee)

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2 thoughts on “Local Links of Interest”

  1. Hi bill

    Same to you. I realize as I reread my post that it might be perceived as critical or at best cynical, I was just in awe of the solid two weeks of gas pumps, android, coupons, maps, spectrum auction coverage all of which relate to local despite the current reality.

    You have to give Google credit for creating some great buzz and forging their own reality,no?


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