Google Maps Tidbits

While in Canada last week I noticed that:

1- The Goog-411 stated that calls were completed by

2- In Google Coupons there was an option to sign up for an opt-in for Coupons to appear in the main Google Search engine results….

2032915576_d4d6cff8bd.jpg 3-And on another very minor I noted while there, Google Maps has changed their logo in Canada, UK and possibly internationally

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Google Maps Tidbits by

2 thoughts on “Google Maps Tidbits”

  1. Hello,

    I also noticed goog-411 is saying calls completed by, however I was in the U.S. calling a number in Texas. It also said when I called NY.

  2. Hi Bob

    Thanks for the update. I had also noticed but had neglected to update my post.

    I wonder why the change? Who were they using before and why does now get credit?


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