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Google Coupons are one of the great underpromoted features of Google Maps. It came, we saw and it didn’t conquer. Not because it couldn’t but it just seems to be one of those Google technologies that is languishing in the backwaters of some engineer’s 20% project.A recent query at the Google Maps for Business Group about why ValPak’s coupons were larger than his coupons got me to poking around coupons once again.What I found was a (buried) upgraded local like interface that allows a users to search for all coupons in a given area or all coupons in a certain industry in an area. For example you may search on “all coupons in Olean NY” or “restaurant coupons in Buffalo NY.Why coupons continue to be the poor step child in Google’s local arsenal is beyond me. Google could easily provide an interface to allow websites to embed these coupons either via an api, rss feed or an iframe (like Maps). This would at least offer the coupons some visibility and a way out of the dark basement of Google Maps.In September the InsideGoogle Blog noted a slew of new Google Coupon domains including and are now registered and controlled by Google. Perhaps this new (maybe its not new but it is obviously hard to find) interface upgrade and the new domains portend the first step in rolling out a more prominent coupon program.Google Coupon Search Interface

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  1. I think that Google Maps should add a text link by “Find Businesses” that says “Find Coupons” so in general people would be more aware. I only noticed there even were coupons in Google Maps when researching hotels the other day.

    And Google should make “add coupons” more prominent when local businesses sign up in Local Business Center.

  2. Hi Linda

    Google’s lack of promotion has always been a mystery. It seems like it would be a popular feature (if it were findable) and that there are numerous ways that it could become more visibile.

    Your ideas are good ones, as would a link off the the main search menu. Another simple way to make them more visible would be to show a link them in the Local Onebox results, so when you saw the top 3 local business listings there would be a chance of a coupon showin up.

    An increase in visibility would also increase availability of coupons.

    Perhaps this upgrade and the recent spate of google-coupon domain names indicates that they are planning on making it more visible.


  3. Hi Online

    Yes that would make sense. Coupons have been virtually invisible since their inception. I think though that is due to the lack of inventory that currently exists.

    Once their inventory is broader and deeper I think you will see higher visibility.


  4. I don’t understand how to get my coupon to show up on my business listing. Has anyone successfully done this?

    1. Yes, it is done all of the time. In the LBC you need to create a coupon and then associate with a specific business listing.

  5. Hi Thanks, I did that. I created the coupon. My coupon is active and created and it’s in my LBC, connected to my business. But when I search for my business on Google maps, the coupon is not on my listing. It only has a tab for Details and Reviews. There is no coupon tab.

  6. How long ago did you create the listing? It appears VERY new. Did you add the coupon simultaneously with creation or afterwards?

    When you claimed the listing did it have the round pin?

    Have you looked at the Business Listing Guidelines? Your listings may be in violation of them.


  7. I didn’t even know that this existed. Thanks for the info. I checked it out and I agree this is a hidden part of google that could be a great resource for shoppers.

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