Hitwise confirms: Dramatic rise in Google Maps traffic due to Onebox update

Last week I reported on a Hitwise report that Traffic to Google Maps increased by 26% from Jan. to Feb. due to an increase from upstream Google traffic and I surmised that it was likely due to the OneBox change.

Today, LeeAnn Prescott from Hitwise confirmed that the traffic increase was likely due to the change and that the week lag in data that I had noted was an artifact of the data collection and Google rollout procedures. LeeAnn noted: If the Local One Box change happened in the middle of the week, there may be a lag. It also may have been rolled out in different markets separately.

Hitwise report on Google Map market share

I had noted previously that the Local OneBox change had provided between 10 and 12 new entry points into Maps from the prime territory above the fold on the main search results.

To give a sense of how large this increase is one needs to realize that just this increase is roughly equal to all of Microsoft’s Local traffic and greater than the combined traffic from Insiderpages, Judy’s Book, Ask & Yelp.

Given Google’s dominant share in search, even small changes on their main search results page creates incredible traffic for any of their secondary products. It demonstrates clearly how difficult it will be to unseat the leader in the local battle on-line.

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Hitwise confirms: Dramatic rise in Google Maps traffic due to Onebox update by

10 thoughts on “Hitwise confirms: Dramatic rise in Google Maps traffic due to Onebox update”

  1. It is certainly a dramatic change. From my observations from a number of businesses it is having a dramatic effect.

    The graphs may be understated…contingent on how Hitwise is able to capture the data. A visitor may click on one of several links off of the initial map showing from an organic search. The link may be a google maps link or a direct link to the website. How is that being measured?

    From a variety of businesses we see a change as a result of G maps with businesses having either dramaticly better visibility or worse from strictly organic search and/or a search query that didn’t have a g maps insert before the expansion.

    All of which speaks to the dominance of Google in the search world.

    Thanks for updating and reiterating the information, Mike.

  2. Yes, good points. I also wonder about the ajax/java stuff going on inside of Maps…how do they account for pages views as a reader moves from one more info box to another..


  3. I’ll bet the recent change from 3 to 10 local results in the top of the serps EXPLODES this stat… Might be interesting to see a followup buy you…

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