WSJ: Local Search Sites Draw Users’ Input

Today’s Wall Street Journal had an article titled: Local Search Sites Draw Users’ Input in which they:
• extolled the value of Yelp’s reader reviews
• reported on the trend of user generated content in local sites like, Yelp,
• Offered up the Kelsey esitmate of $6.2 billion in local search advertising by 2010
• Note the changing plans (difficulties) of Judy’s Book and Citysearch and their need to shore up traffic.
• AhmedF points out on Greg Sterling’s site that the article has the generating almost 7000 reviews a day (200,000 in February) since allowing reviews.

What is of interest to me in the article comes from the Wall Street Journal’s track record of trend spotting just before a trend reaches critical mass across the U.S. Whenever I am looking to impress my kids or nephews I will read about an artist, toy or movie in the WSJ and usually discover that my kids have yet to fully appreciate the trend (which usually does take on widespread appeal) and hope that they remember my cool call in 12 months. They never do.

The WSJ has hit on 3 in this article: Local search taking off, user generated content and the difficulties facing even some of the bigger players in the market, all of which will be gaining mainstream mindshare over the next year.

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