The Good and the Bad of Google Maps

On 1/20/07, I wrote on the Google Blog:

Jen (Google Map Guide)

We work with a local restaurant that when viewed in Google Maps has but
one review from CitySearch dated September 2005.

There have been a number of subsequent customer reviews posted on this
restaurant at CitySearch, Yahoo and Yelp since May, 2006 and later but the
review information at Google has not been updated.

As a small business owner, they understand your use of reviews to
provide reader guidance. However, they are concerned that Google has
not conscientiously updated their information.

Please advise.


On 1/30/07 Google responded:

Hey Mike,

I completely understand your local restaurant’s concern about the most recent reviews not appearing with their business. At this time, I can’t tell you exactly when we’ll be getting those new reviews into Google Maps, but I can assure you that we are working to provide the most up-to-date data that we can. The best I can do at this time is ask your client to be patient, and let them know that more recent reviews should be appearing shortly.

JenIt’s good news and bad news…which one do you want first?

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The Good and the Bad of Google Maps by

4 thoughts on “The Good and the Bad of Google Maps”

  1. If they’re going to keep creeping local into normal search (with the new maps and all) they really need to come up with something better than this “we’re working on it, expect to see changes who knows when” response they’ve been giving too all this stuff recently.

  2. Hi Markus

    Yes it is bizarre to say the least, isn’t it.

    Is it a technology problem…from the world’s leading technology company?

    Is it a copyright problem? What they don’t have enough $ to pay for it?

    Is it a staff or development issue?

    In this particular case, the reviews have not been updated for at least 8 months and perhaps longer. It is not clear how that is possible.

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