Improving Local Standings via Relevancy (my hat is off to Bill Slawski)

I see that Understanding Google Maps has been nominated by the Search Engine Journal in the category of Best Local Search Blog. It is an honor that I really appreciate.

However, more importantly, it demonstrates Bill Slawski‘s idea of gaining prominence through providing relevancy in your local search marketing. While I am writing this blog to others in the Search Engine field there is every reason to use this nomination as an opportunity to achieve some local news coverage and “street cred” with my local clients. So while I won’t shamelessly ask for your vote in the Search Engine Journal Election, I will shamelessly flog the information to my local news media and my client base.

The next step will be to parlay my writings and findings into a bang up seminar to evangelize more local businesses on these ideas.

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
Improving Local Standings via Relevancy (my hat is off to Bill Slawski) by

5 thoughts on “Improving Local Standings via Relevancy (my hat is off to Bill Slawski)”

  1. I was quite happy to see your site listed amongst those nominated. Congratulations, and I hope that your local clients appreciate the insights you’ve provided and impact that you’ve made with your posts about local search.


  2. Let me also chime in with Bill and Dave and congratulate you, Mike. While I remain skeptical that 2007 will be the year for local search [we’ve been saying that for a couple years], I do believe SEOers [word?]like yourself, who focus on localized search are building a first movers and eventually a competitive advantage.

    There is so little competition out there. Most of my work is in web design and I’m definitely looking to pick up some localized SEO clients because competition is not as heavy.

    Keep up the good work.


  3. Dean-

    Thanks for your support. Writing this blog has been a fun ride.

    I look at the “year of local search” a little differently. As you say it has been the “year of local search” for several years now and the truth is, it has been ….. for those industries that have benefited from local searching (see ).

    Like all embrionic markets, this market as it matures will benefit more and more industries and trades. It is a cycle of growing benefit as businesses put their information in a format that users can find and users search for business goods and services that they need. As customers & businesses both develop the habits necessary for this to happen it will continue to grow.

    In this chaotic current state there are best practices (see that professional web folks will implement if for no other reason than they require little effort and will benefit the client over the long haul.

    I also believe that there is opportunity in this confusion (see ) for those professionals that want to explore the possiblities.

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