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Add Google Coupons to your main search results via Google Co-op


Google Coupons now offers the ability to return Coupons in your main search results via the Google Co-op. When you select the above button from Google Coupon search you will be asked to log in and taken to this page at Google Co-op beta for a subscription confirmation:

You can add information created by Coupons to your Google search results pages by subscribing to their Subscribed Links.

Whenever you search on Google in an area of their expertise, the first result you see will be relevant content they provide.

To subscribe to Coupons, select the Subscribe button below. To learn more about Coupons, you can visit their Google Co-op profile page and then subscribe from there.

On the profile page are presented with additional information about the Coupon Subscription from the Co-op (note that currently 57 others have subscribed):


You are then shown what your subscribed link will look like on the main results page:


Local Links of Interest

• Jaiku, Android and Google’s Mobile Ads

• What Google has planned for Jaiku?

Because his mobile phone is able to broadcast the location automatically (even if it’s not very precise), the user posts more than a message. The text can be connected to his location and create a list of preferences for each place you frequently visit.

“Google + Jaiku is not a million miles away from being able to push appropriate advertising to individuals based on their profile, their location and their availability. Imagine walking down the high street and having your mobile phone pop up with a Google notification telling you that Heroes DVD box sets were 20% off at HMV today, or that a new Indian restaurant had just opened in that part of town. (…) It seems obvious that Jaiku is destined to become an integral part of the Android platform over the next year,” thinks Jonathan Mulholland.

• Move the Map Marker on Google Maps: A Screenshot Tour (Tamar Weinberg at

Google now promoting Google Coupons with AdWords

pizzacoupon1.jpgGoogle has started to advertise their Coupon search capability with Google Adwords (thanks to FathomSeo for great screen shots of this and the heads up).

When searching on “pizza coupons”, the Pizza Coupons adword results take you to your local ads apparently based on your user profile and/or location. I for example, was shown coupons for Allegany NY when I clicked through the ad on the right (see image below).

When searching on just “coupons”, the ad takes a viewer to the Local Business Center to add a coupon to their business record.

Given Google’s recent addition of coupon oriented domains and their new searchable coupon interface, this new forward facing promotion was to be expected.


Google Map’s Coupons: My Coupon is bigger than Your Coupon

Today Google has confirmed that ValPak has certain coupon size and layout benefits that are not available to all businesses when they upload their coupons to the Local Business Center.

There are currently three levels of coupons creation that we know about:

1-Local Business Center where a business can create coupons one at a time. This is offers the fewest graphic and content options.

2-The Coupon Feed which allows for more graphics and content.

3-The ValPak Feed which allows for bigger & more graphics and multiple coupons.

When I inquired about the differences Map Guides Jen responded:

== 1 of 1 ==
Date: Tues, Nov 20 2007 9:19 am
From: “Maps Guide Jen”


Sure, here’s what insight I can provide. If you upload coupons using a feed (see this page ), you can include enhanced content like images, barcodes, and logos. As you can see, the appearance of Valpak-provided coupons is slightly unique. This helps Valpak merchants recognize their coupons.


In August of 2006, when Google announced their Coupon feature in Maps they also announced their relationship with ValPak. Obviously, Google benefits from ValPak by being able to quickly populate their coupon inventory. In some markets, ValPak provides as many as 75% of all coupons.(see my previous article on Coupon penetration)

The differences are more than a slightly unique:

• The coupon provider logo should be 100 x21 pixels, Valpak’s logo is 120 pixels by 34
• The image filed is indicated may be up to 120 pixels high and 120 pixels wide and there is no provision for business logo. The Valpak coupons provide a business logo that is 155 x 103
• There appears to no allowance in the upload feed for multiple coupons like ValPak is able to do
• There appears to be no provision for the inclusion of your business logo in list view
As long as coupons have played such a minor role in the real world of Google search, this type of difference in allowing more technical clients (read larger & with more money) access to additional features and allowing one client (ValPak) the most features is a non-issue. However, as soon as Google moves coupons to the surface of the main results page, this discrepancy will become problematic.

Local Links of Interest

Google may be a distance second in mapping to Mapquest, be struggling to gain a solid number one position in Local search, have but one cell tower and 0% market share of the cellphone OS system market but you wouldn’t know it from their coverage in the search and mainstream press. They seem to be getting 90% of the market share of news on their efforts in local and local mobile of late:

• google has even bigger plans for mobile phones (WSJ)

•Google Maps Goes Wikimapia, Lets The People Move The Map Points (Greg Sterling – SearchEngineLand)

•Google: ‘Seven Figures’ Have Used the LBC (Greg Sterling – Screenwerk)

• Monetizing Google Platforms? (Bill Slawski –

Here a few interesting forum discussions about Google Maps and its effects on local websites (thanks to Dave):

•How To Get My Business To Show Up As A Map In Google SERPs (WebmasterWorld)

•Is Google Maps important for your Web site? Better Get into the top 3!!! (SEORefugee)

Google Maps: Edit at your own risk – Google acknowledges bug

Google has recently acknowledged a serious bug when modifying a local business record in Google’s Local Business Center:

== 1 of 1 ==
Date: Fri, Nov 16 2007 2:20 pm
From: “Maps Guide Jen”

Hi All,

I just wanted to soothe any alarm caused by this known issue:
You go in to edit your listing and add a number of details including hours,
photos, etc. Your listing disappears from Google Maps.

Don’t be alarmed! We know this is happening and we’re working madly to
resolve it. I’ll keep you posted!

Thanks for your attention.
Maps Guide Jen

Google Coupons to expand via Pump??

As oil prices inch toward $100 a barrel and the price of gasoline is once again rising towards $4.00/gal, it appears that Google will step into the breach and offer stress relief via directions.

The AP reports in Latest Additive at Gas Pumps: Google that “As part of a partnership to be announced Wednesday, the online search leader will dispense driving directions at thousands of gasoline pumps across the United States beginning early next month. ” They also note: “Unlike most of Google’s services, this one won’t include ads bringing the company income. But participating retailers will be able to make extra money from other merchants that offer coupons on the service.”

It is not clear whether this move includes Google Coupons and their monetization or printed coupons from other local merchants managed by the pump provider.

One assumes that if it were Google they would use their existing Coupon infrastructure for coupon creation. Clearly, the presence of Google Maps and Coupons at the pump could dramatically increase visibility of both Maps and Coupons and push their coupon effort to the forefront. Minimally, if they are not Google Coupons but those provided by the pump vendor, it provides a huge visibility boost to Maps. Perhaps Google has found another ValPak like partner to create additional coupon inventory for driving internet and mobile traffic?


According to Information Week “While of limited use to motorists, the initial service gives (the gas) retailers the tools to enter marketing deals with local businesses. Besides offering maps to locations, gas station owners could also offer coupons to try to drive traffic to local merchants.”

While it seems that Google will not be monetizing coupons, it is still not clear whether tbey will become a source for coupons for Google Maps.

How many Google Coupons are there?

The new ability to search Google Coupons offers an intriguing glimpse through the window into the world of Google’s coupon efforts. Coupons have the potential to both drive local usage and further monetize local business data for Google. With internet search, Coupons could provide a new interface/access point for visitation and searching of local business data. It is easy to imagine a link at the top of the main Google search page or a link for coupons in the Local OneBox results that bargain hunters used regularly. With any number of web 2.0 technologies, Google could spread coupons across the internet as well. In fact the ready availability of coupons on Google might broaden the use of coupons in general.

Coupons could also provide a means of monetizing Goog-411(and SMS & Google Maps) service by providing pay per call coupons directly to your cell phone. Ad supported free 411 services (like Jingle 411) are intrusive. A service though that offered an optional, relevant coupon to a 411 inquiry would probably be welcomed by its users.

However, since Google Coupons has been introduced, why has Google been so reticent to promote coupons? And how successful has Google been at gathering coupons since the programs inception? Just how many coupons are there and how many were created by the small businesses using Google’s Local Business Center?
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