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Understanding Google My Business & Local Search

Local Links of Interest

Google may be a distance second in mapping to Mapquest, be struggling to gain a solid number one position in Local search, have but one cell tower and 0% market share of the cellphone OS system market but you wouldn’t know it from their coverage in the search and mainstream press. They seem to be getting 90% of the market share of news on their efforts in local and local mobile of late:

• google has even bigger plans for mobile phones (WSJ)

•Google Maps Goes Wikimapia, Lets The People Move The Map Points (Greg Sterling – SearchEngineLand)

•Google: ‘Seven Figures’ Have Used the LBC (Greg Sterling – Screenwerk)

• Monetizing Google Platforms? (Bill Slawski –

Here a few interesting forum discussions about Google Maps and its effects on local websites (thanks to Dave):

•How To Get My Business To Show Up As A Map In Google SERPs (WebmasterWorld)

•Is Google Maps important for your Web site? Better Get into the top 3!!! (SEORefugee)