Google Updates As Yet Unannounced Scroll Pack with Stronger CTA

The new(ish) Local Scroll Pack, which remains with very limited visibility, has been updated with a bolder call to action to view more locations. In addition it now includes additional personalization gleaned from Maps and greater detail if a user is looking for more categories related to the search. 

The arrows indicate areas that have changed over the past month.

In the initial preview, it was a concern whether users would be willing to both scroll AND click to see more locations. The default view only showed 1.5 locations and a scroll only surfaced 3. If the user wanted more they needed to click either the main selection view more button or choose one of the drop downs. One commenter on Twitter, only half kidding,  referred to it at the “Local 1.5 Pack”.

With as many as 5 ads seen above the pack, Google seems to have realized that users were not, in fact, digging deeper. You can see images of the previous displays here, here and here

Note also the inclusion of the Google Maps set, favorites choice in the display. A minor update has been to delineate which additional categories would be visible on the last drop down. 

I am still only seeing this new display when logged in on my iPhone on either Safari or Chrome. It appears to showing based on my Google user as if I emulate a different phone on my Chrome desktop browser, I also continue to see this new display. 

I have been seeing this new Scroll Pack almost continuously since late May.

I am curious how many of you have also seen it or currently see it and if you have seen it on Android?


Here is a gif showing how the CTA displays when multiple sub categories for related searches are selected:

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
Google Updates As Yet Unannounced Scroll Pack with Stronger CTA by

6 thoughts on “Google Updates As Yet Unannounced Scroll Pack with Stronger CTA”

  1. Google tries very hard to make as much of the sopping experience happen on google page where there is ad revenue. once people go the website they have no hope you seeing or clicking on there ads usually.
    This is useful for those websites aren’t aren’t mobile optimised that people could navigate 90% through google itself.

  2. We have seen reports of it, in Europe in a different language.

    It is either a slow rollout or very big test

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