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Understanding Google My Business & Local Search

How Does Reserve with Google Show in the Knowledge Panel ? Who the ‘f knows!

This is my third post in the “who the f knows” series.

Google has rarely been accused of great wordsmithing. But they have been accused of testing. In this case it appears that they are testing wordsmithing.

Seeing the schedule/book/make an appointment CTA in the 3 pack motivated me, like any rational local searcher,  to once again compare the click through destinations in each of the four iPhone environments to see what it looked like.

Go figure, even on something as simple as a CTA, Google manages to present four different displays and three different wordings in each case it shows.

Why present it one way to the user, when four ways can be created? Data science is a wonderful thing but I think that someone at Google forgot to put in any guard rails.

Of you think it is any different on Android. Think again. Well it is different but different in the same way. The Google App, Chrome and Google Maps are each different.


Google Safari Knowledge Panel on the iPhone. Lets just cut to the chase and go for the booking.


Google App on the iPhone. Google is content just allowing a user to see the schedule as the call to action.



Google Chrome Browser Knowledge Panel on the iPhone. Google can’t seem decide between seeing the schedule and booking as the call to action.



Google Maps Knowledge Panel on the iPhone. Note that there is no appointment call to action.

Google Maps Knowledge Panel on the iPhone