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Understanding Google My Business & Local Search

What’s Up with the Local Search Results…. Who the f knows?

I was sitting on my office, doing “research” and did the same local search (Custom Jewelry Design Williamsville) on my iPhone in three different Google mobile environments; Safari, Chrome and the Google App. All within seconds of each other.

Next time your boss comes and asks you what’s up with the local search results, throw up your hands, show him this post and reflect knowingly “who the f knows….”. Be sure to note that even though you were not at your desk when he first came by, you were using your time wisely.

Updated: Just for good luck we have added a mobile search from Stephen Davies of the UK. Why have 3 variations when four (or who knows how many more) can do?

Safari browser result. 1500 Pixels high. Includes category, 3 facetted search options, and website content.
Chrome browser result. The longest clocking at almost 1600 Pixels high. Like the Safari result Includes category, 3 facetted search options, and website content but also includes review content.
Google App (iPhone) result. The shortest pack result clocking at just under 1200 Pixels high. No category, only 1 faceted search result, no review stars, no web content, no review content, no images. Most importantly (as pointed out by Stephen Davies) it includes direct access to calling and driving directions. It also includes the more button. Go figure.
And one more variation…. As seen from the UK via Android Chrome. Thanks to Stephen Davies.