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Understanding Google My Business & Local Search

Which Terms Trigger the New Entertainment Pack

The new carousel replacement, like the carousel, shows for entertainment and recreational searches. This entertainment pack almost always (but not quite always) starts at position one right below any ads. I wanted to see which terms that previously showed the Carousel were now showing the new Entertainment Pack.

When the original local Carousel first came out in June of 2013, we were able to identify a list of 350 terms that produced a local carousel. I tested a sampling of 50 of those terms to see which results were now showing the new entertainment pack.

I ran 100 searches with my location set to New York, NY (to be sure that there was always enough inventory) and searched on 50 terms both with and without NYC as a geo modifier.

33 of the 50 geo modified search terms now showed the entertainment pack instead of the carousel. Of the Non Geo modified terms 29 now showed the new pack. Thus of the 100 searches that originally showed carousels, 52% were showing the new display. Of the 48 that weren’t showing the new pack, 17 were showing a traditional pinned pack of some sort (1,3, 5 and 7). Of those 17, 5 appeared to be branded packs results.

In 3 of the 100 searches performed, the new Entertainment Pack showed in position two on the page. So while it usually shows in the first position below the ads, that is not always case. Once it showed below a definition, once below an image result and once below a website result with site links. This was the case only on non geo modified queries.

Ypou are welcome to test some of the terms that generated the original carousel to see if they are now generating the new Enterntainment Pack. Here is the spreadsheet with the search phrases.

Here’s the summary of the results:

Old Carousel Carousel Replacement w/o geo modifier Notes CR w/ geo modifer "NYC" Notes
Accommodations Not showing Shows 7 pack not showing
Entertainment Club Not showing   not showing
video Not showing   not showing
alcohol Not showing   3 Pack
alleys Showing Shows below definition 1 Pack
American Food Catering Showing   Showing
American Restaurant Showing   Showing
amusement Not showing   Showing
Amusement Center Showing Shows below Images Showing
Amusement parks Not showing KG Carousel showing not showing KG carousel showing
Arcades Showing   Showing
art Not showing Shows 7 Pack not showing
Art galleries Showing   Showing
Art Gallery Showing   Showing
Asian Not showing Shows 7 Pack Showing
Asian Cuisine Showing   Showing
Asian Delivery Showing   Showing
Asian Food Showing   Showing
Asian Grocer Showing Position 2 Showing
Asian Market Showing   Showing
Asian Restaurant Showing   Showing
Asian Supermarket Showing   Showing
Asian Take Out Showing   Showing
Attractions Showing   Not showing KG carousel showing
Auditorium Not showing Shows 7 Pack Showing
Authentic French Cuisine Not showing   Not showing
Authentic French Restaurant Not showing   Not showing
Bagels Showing   Showing
Bakeries Showing   Showing
ballrooms Showing   Showing
Banquet Hall Showing   Showing
Barbecue Catering Not showing   Showing
Bars Showing   Showing
BBQ Not showing Branded 3 Pack Showing
BBQ Restaurant Not showing Branded 3 Pack Not showing Branded 3 Pack
BBQ Ribs Restaurant Not showing 1 Box Not showing
Beach Motel Showing   Showing
Beach Resort Not showing   Showing
Beachfront Weddings Not showing   Not showing
Bed & Breakfast Not showing Shows 5 pack Not showing Shows 7 pack
B & B Not showing Branded 7 pack Not showing Shows branded 7 pack
Beer Showing   Showing
billiards Showing   Showing
Boat Charter Service Not showing   Not showing Shows 7 Pack
bowling Showing   Showing
Box Lunch Supplier Not showing   Showing
Breakfast Not showing Shows 7 pack Not showing Shows 1 Pack
Breakfast Restaurant Showing   Showing
brew pub restaurant Showing   Showing
Breweries Showing   Showing