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Understanding Google My Business & Local Search

Is Google Starting to Integrate Google Plus Pages with Places Search Results?

The ever observant Plamen and his friend Stacy sent along a Places Search screenshot that clearly shows a Google Plus Page icon next to a Places search result:

When you click on the icon it shows a Google Plus Page for a different Transmission service.

It makes sense that Google would integrate Google Plus pages with their Local results. What better way to both allow a business to highlight the Page’s presence and incent other businesses to claim their Google Plus Page and keep it updated with meaningful information.

I assume that this is test but it is an interesting one.

(click to view larger)



Here is the syntax of the url:






I shared this syntax with Barry Hunter and he noted that through trial and error he determined that removing “tbm=plcs” will remove the Plus image from the link. I am not at all clear on the purpose os the other operators.