Local Real Estate Results are Back in Google Search

Once again, local results for real estate and realtors are back in the Google search results.

Google Local Real estate results have had a tortured relationship in the Google search results. Having most recently gone MIA at the time of the Pigeon update.  I noted in November 2012:

In 2009 Google rolled out an expanded real estate listing product. However that product was dropped in January of 2011. Before that period and until very recently, Google did not return any blended results for most real estate searches and the only local search in real estate that returned pack results was the very specific “realtors + city” search. Searches like homes for sale + city and houses for rent + city did not return 7 packs. Even the search real estate + city did not return pinned results.

They seemed to have returned for real estate + city, realtors + city and those same terms without geo modifies. But they not appear to have returned for “homes for sale” or “houses for sale” (as far as I can tell) searches.
Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 5.47.34 PM

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11 thoughts on “Local Real Estate Results are Back in Google Search”

  1. Its been rolling out slowly… I couldn’t see these results day before yesterday but I too have seen other signs of increasing pack numbers…

    What industries are you seeing them in where they were not?

  2. DUI law, water damage restoration, and possibly* terms like Botox and liposuction.

    Also, immediately post-Pigeon even terms like “house painting” and “painters” wouldn’t trigger the local pack, but things returned to normal months ago.

    (*Those may have triggered the local pack before when you included a geomodifier. But they sure do now.)

  3. It is a complicated system that Google has with dynamic and unusual outcomes…. it makes sense that if Google nuked a bunch of doorway pages, making room for truly local web pages that those web pages might trigger Pack results. hm…

  4. As usual, spot on Mike! I think the local agents and offices should fare well in the local results…the nationals already have a big enough piece of the SERP pie.

  5. @Mike, I hope those terms follow soon 🙂 tbh I am expecting G to start their own real estate agency and show listings with a revived carousel…some may say its far fetched but it wouldnt shock me, seems they are getting into everything lately.

  6. Property in {City}, Properties for sale in {City} are also picking up local 7 pack google listing results so it’s great to come up with great consistent NAP info through-out the WEB.

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