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Understanding Google My Business & Local Search

Google Local Spam Hall of Fame: Game On!

Sometimes even I have my breath taken away by the ability of law firms to attempt to manipulate the Google Local algo but this name (spam? hey maybe this is their name, who knows?) raises the bar for everyone. Just how bad is it?

Well there are lots of ways to measure but one is by character count. With spaces and their oddly and grammatically precise commas this title comes to 171 characters.


If this story sounds familiar, that is because it is

That is interesting in and of itself but it takes on even more interest (to me at least) because it indicates that Google has extended the business title field name beyond the 100 characters limit that I wrote about in Just How Long Can a Google My Business Name Be? in May of 2017.

Which brings us to: Game on

So, take this as a challenge. Or rather as two challenges:

1- Can you find a business with a name (spammy or not) that is longer than 171 characters? (Microsoft Word will be the final judge)

2- Exactly how long can it be?

Let me know what you find.