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Understanding Google My Business & Local Search

Google “Hustling” the Business Dashboard in Search

In one of a long line of recent (and approaching spammy) GMB related emails, Google has started sending out emails educating owners of verified businesses that they can now “Meet your new dashboard on Google Search”

When clicking the email call to action it takes the user to interact with the new(ish) mini dashboard visible on a brand search when they are logged in.

When the user clicks on the “see my new dashboard” they  presented with links to go into the Google My Business dashboard or given specific tasks that need to be done.

Between the many new, free features over the last 6 months (Posts, Websites, Chat, Q&A, API 4.0, Appointments…) and the incredible barrage of emails from the GMB, there seems to be an all out effort to attract businesses into the dashboard. The features rolled out seem to each appeal to a different subset of users from bricks and mortars to agencies all with the same focus of getting the SMB back into the dashboard to keep their data up to and (one presumes) buy some AdWords Express or HSA ads.

And it seems to be working. In the recent earning call “Google Chief Executive Sundar Pichai told analysts that efforts to attract “both large and small advertisers” around the world were paying off, especially in Asia, where sales rose 29 percent to $4.2 billion”.