Google Hotel Knowledge Panel Now Showing TrustYou Review Summaries

The Google Hotel Knowledge Panel is now showing TrustYou review summaries (h/t TC Tim Capper of Online Ownership). I am not sure when this started appearing but the summaries show granular detail about rooms, location and facilities and replace the Google review snippets that were shown previously.

There is some irony that Google is sourcing this data from a 3rd party given that the review system implemented after the purchase of Zagat  and ended after the departure of Marissa Mayer, included much the same type of extra detail.

TrustYou, Google’s data source for this granular data, is a reputation management product that tracks review content, helps Hotels get reviews and provides what it calls Meta-Review data to sites like Kayak, Trivago and Sabre.

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 10.50.35 AM

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Google Hotel Knowledge Panel Now Showing TrustYou Review Summaries by

2 thoughts on “Google Hotel Knowledge Panel Now Showing TrustYou Review Summaries”

  1. Mike: I’m not familiar with nor have I used TrustYou as a consumer, but there is an interesting analysis of the company from back in 2010 that adds a very interesting potential Business THREAT to its development.

    The analysis can be found at Tnews

    The threat????—>

    B2C Google. They are doing more in travel. If they want to dominate one vertical (e.g. hotel search) they can.

    Well…if you either can’t beat em, or decide not to buy “em” or compete with em….you might as well use “em”.

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