Last Links from Google Maps to G+ Local Plus Pages Removed

Google has recently removed links from the Local Knowledge Panel in search to the Google Plus Local Page. Nicolai Helling now reports that the last links standing in Google Maps, to read and or write reviews on the G+ Page for Local, have now been redirected as well.

The read reviews link now redirects to the Review Box that has been presented on the front page of search and the write a review link redirects to the write a review box in the same area.


When viewed with the rumors of a restructured G+ and the removal of links from the Knowledge Panel to new posts, it certainly raises questions about Google’s direction with G+ as a small business marketing platform.

As Nicolai points out it also puts the final nail in the coffin of using Maps for listing diagnostics and finding duplicates. My goto resource on that has been Michael Cottam’s G+ Business Page Finder reviewed here with some tips.

The other minor tactical factoid is that the link in Maps to write a review includes the full name, address, zip and country as well as both the CID and the FID for the listing. The 7,2 attached to the end of the URL string opens the review edit box and could be used in a review email campaign (although it doesn’t work on the iPhone or iPad).,+Caldwell+Building,+5820+Main+St+%23311,+Williamsville,+NY+14221,+United+States&ludocid=3291747407840809159&lrd=0x89d37487dfb1ea75:0x2daea2d3b6aa10c7,2

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9 thoughts on “Last Links from Google Maps to G+ Local Plus Pages Removed”

  1. Clearly with all of the rearranging something is up…. and a similar question… how long will Twitter results stay in the SERPS.

    Google’s rate of change is so many times greater than the rate of adoption that no SMB has a clue what they should with Google these days.

  2. So true about the rate of change and rate of adoption Mike.

    Plus if features keep going away, more SMBs will be saying G+ is dead and why bother with a G+ L page, because it doesn’t hardly show up any more.

    They don’t realize the data from their page shows up some other places, BUT who know how long it will continue to show up in the other places anyway.

    I guess I should have a little faith. Maybe this is all headed toward something even better than what we had before? Wishful thinking!

  3. @Linda
    If the Dashboard had significantly more functionality than it had 8 years ago I would say so but it doesn’t.

  4. I just don’t get the point from Google. It is like they are trying to make it harder to use Google Plus.

  5. My read is that Google Plus – the social stream – needs to “grow up” and stand on its own and not be “propped up” by links from other Google properties… like Google Photos, Google Maps etc…

  6. @ Phil Rozek
    “Wonder how long before they send the small Google+ link in the SERPs to Old Sparky.”

    and……….they’re gone!

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