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Understanding Google My Business & Local Search

Google Places Account Suspended- All is Not Lost

Linda Buquet notes that in some situations (where you have not received the start over email) Google is still apparently resuscitating some suspended accounts.

From the post:

Your account’s been suspended. See my response on this other related thread:

Listing not live on Maps anymore, or, it is live and it’s not owner-verified? Use this contact form and …
Select: I have verified > Yes > My listing no longer appears on Google Maps. > Fill out form, hit Submit

Listing live on Maps, and owner-verified? Use this contact form and …
Select: Someone else has verified the listing > Fill out form, hit Submit

Give support a few days to get back to you, they’re working through a lot of tickets right now.

You are up, you are down… if I had to interpret this very mixed messaging…. it sounds as if there are suspensions and then there are suspensions… ie soft suspensions and hard suspensions. Soft suspensions for example might occur if a listing is claimed into two accounts and the wrong account is flagged or if the listing was suspended due to minor violations and still appears in Maps.

My suggestion at this point: request reinclusion, wait for the response. If they note that there is no hope, start a new account with a new listing.