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Understanding Google My Business & Local Search

Outbreak of “We Do Not Support This Location” Now Under Control?

Over the past two days a raft of posters noted in the forums that their listings were now showing the dreaded “We Currently Do Support This Location”. For most of these listings the fix of “poking the listing” with an edit/submit in the dashboard did not return the listing to the index. Google posted this note in the forums and attempted to consolidate the many postings into this post.

At 2:41 AM EST Joel Headley, head of Places customer support posted this update noting that Google had fixed the problem:

Google Employee
2:51 AM

Best answer – Joel_H (Google Employee)
We’ve just finished making some changes to restore listings. Sorry for the issue and thanks all for your patience.

Could you check again and let us know if the issue persists?

I think for most listings it is likely that they have returned. A number that I checked had returned but not all.

This is not the only “quirk” in Places and the Places Dashboard this week. There have been many and I presume that there were will be more as Google rolls out incremental changes. I would suggest that you postpone any work you may have in Places for a few days and let the dust settle.