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Understanding Google My Business & Local Search

Google Places Reputation Management: From G to X Rated in No Time Flat

One of the basic tenets of reputation management in local is that regular visits to your Google Places page are necessary to prevent (or perhaps mitigate) disaster. You never know when a competitor, an ex-employee, an unethical SEO or a prankster might just deface the page. And of course you no have idea when Google, The Machine from Mars, might take a shot at the page as well.

Google Places has been on a push to include more photographs on the Place pages, grabbing photos from all over the web and placing them prominently on the Place Page. In the case of Center for Restorative Breast Surgery in New Orleans, LA, Google dug deep into their website for photos that the owner obviously felt were not meant to be any place but… deep on their website.

As Google scrapes sites for photos far afield from the managed environs of the directories and review sites these sorts of problems will increase in frequency. Fortunately the account is managed by Paula Keller at SearchInfluence and her response was swift. She immediately reported the images as inappropriate via the Google link and more importantly uploaded a raft of new photos to the Places dashboard to push the offending images off the page.