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SEOMoz was given a chance to test a Mirmetrix eye tracking device. The used the opportunity to analyze the impact of Universal results generated by Blended results, the 7-pack, shopping and videos inserted in the SERPS. I was of course most interested in the Local results. Their conclusion?

These results also suggest that the in-page Local/Places results are having a strong impact, even if they fall in the middle of the page. In these limited cases, they seemed to pull attention away from the top organic spots.

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
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9 thoughts on “Eye Tracking Study”

  1. AWESOME! Thanks for sharing this Mike! Talk about a fantastic closing tool for any business wondering if they should focus their efforts on getting ranking in GP! Mind if I swipe the image? lol.. I had always suspected this to be the case, but now here is viable PROOF!

  2. This so great to see where the eyeballs go. So it looks like the first 5 places entries are the most desirable spot to be in. Even if you show up 5th or 6th in organic search you fall way behind the places position above. There is work to be done.

  3. Those are dramatic and compelling pictures of eyeball action. Its only a tiny example though, and I wonder about who the 8 participants were.

    Information like that is extremely valuable. I would hope that it represents and unbiased group of people without any prior knowledge of the search phrases.

  4. I love eyeball tracking studies. I wish there were more of them to show us not only what consumers are attracted to in search results, but on home pages and other web properties. Fascinating stuff. Thanks for sharing, Mike.

  5. Awesome eyetracking study! Although a small sample, this reinforces the importance of Google Places.

    One would assume that people are naturally inclined to look at anything that is red-colored (read: red map markers). The star rating system seems to act as an attention-getter, who wouldn’t like to read reviews before purchasing?

  6. Interesting how the 3, 4, and 5 results in the local pack have relatively the same intensity. In normal SERP studies, there is still a big difference between 3 and 5…

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