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Understanding Google My Business & Local Search

Google PlusBox – Will Life Imitate Art(?)?

I have written often and critically of Google’s (mis)use of the PlusBox since it was introduced in December 2006:

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Last April 1, I wrote a post: Local Business Center upgrade now allows Plus Box control that noted that Google was now allowing business owners to more directly control the use of the oft errant PlusBox. Even though the post was a total fabrication, a number of readers and SearchEngineLand gave a huge sigh of relief that this pesky problem generator had been finally fixed. 

Well in a strange twist, it seems that Google may be getting ready to fix the PlusBox in a fashion similar to the one I recommended last April Fools Day. Or at least they are thinking about it. Here is a recent posting at the Google Maps Help Forum:


Is the ability of the Local Business Center to feed correct info to the PlusBox new? Will it override strong signals from across the web? How long does it take for it to impact the PlusBox?

In the past, we have seen numerous cases of correct LBC, correct website but incorrect or outdated PlusBox information. 


  Joel H  
Google Employee
4:09 AM

It most circumstances, the Local Business Center’s ‘authority page’ will override the plus box. It can take a couple weeks or more before the change goes live on There are cases where the strong signals from across the web will override the LBC. 

However, we’ve been actively discussing what’s the right thing to do here. And, I’ll update this group when we make changes to this interaction.

(Note, I have added the bold)

Who knows, maybe this April 1st I will be writing an article titled: Local Business Center upgrade now allows Plus Box control