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Understanding Google My Business & Local Search

Loci 2008 – Will Scott’s Best Articles of 2008 in Local

Will Scott of Search Influence, is a search marketer that focuses on helping SME’s in all aspects of traditional and local search. He has an extensive background in online local directories. He writes at his own blog, Website Promotion is Not Vodoo, and does guest appearances elsewhere. In the New Orleans tradition he is both a gentleman and (at least after I called him out) a scholar and is a great sounding board.  I can’t think of a better way to start off the new year than with Will’s great summary!


Best of 2008 – Continuing Education in Local (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying And Love the Blog)

I’m old and a little scatter-brained, so blogging doesn’t come easy for me. We can’t all be as young at heart as Mike :).

So just one quick caveat, obviously this list isn’t comprehensive. It represents who and what I read — who inform my understanding — and, to a great extent the work of my friends.

Search Influence has been in business since 2006 but 2008 is the year I realized there is a community of like-minded folks and engaged with that community.

I made an offhanded comment on Tim’s blog for which Mike called me out and the rest is history.

I had the good fortune to meet David and Alex at SES ’07 in San Jose and David has been kind enough to prod me from time to time.

No review of Local in ’08 would be complete without David’s seminal work “The Local Search Ranking Factors“.

So, David asks, I contribute — surely not as knowledgeably as some and it leads to one of the most valuable events I’ve attended: The SLOMO Local Search Sit Down as chronicled in David’s conference recap. Talk about some heavy hitters — the biggest names in Local Search around one table for the evening.

The Boys & Girl of Local Search

I’m still trying to figure out why those Utah boys were the tannest of the lot, but that’s another story altogether.

But before that, way back in April we sponsored SBMU where I had the distinct pleasure of meeting the one and only Matt McGee in person.

His presentation there is one of the most thorough reviews of local search I’ve ever seen. It could practically have been a survey course.

OK, so to a slightly more structured list:


Unfortunately most of Steve’s stuff is still offline so I can’t point to my favorite Video related posts of all time.

Steve and Greg Markel are the two who’ve most informed my thinking about video this year.

So instead, I’ll have to point to a recap of his SES presentation on the subject on Marty’s blog and also at ReelSEO.

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