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Understanding Google My Business & Local Search

Google Maps: Earthlink Mapspam making a comeback

Update 7/10/08: Google has now removed the Earthlink listings. As of 6:29 pm EST, the Australian Locksmith Mapspam in still in place.

Update 7/10/08:As of 10:00 EST the Australian Locksmith Mapspam has been removed.

In early May, reported that there was widespread mapspsam from Earthlink in Google Maps. Maps Guide Jen noted on his blog that it had been a bulk upload abuse and that the listings had been removed.

They are now back and in large volume. On the search Business Internet DSL San Leandro Ca it dominated the listing:

In exploring Maps it appears that there are over 3000 listings nationwide with a listing for every central switching office in the US where they have a DSlam: