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Understanding Google My Business & Local Search

Google Reaching out to Local Search Blogging Community

Jen Chin, aka Maps Guide Jen, in a recent comment to my article Google Maps Fixes missing record bug, has noted:

You’ve seen me posting as “Maps Guide Jen” on our Maps Help Group, but
I’m hoping to get out in the blogosphere and comment on blogs more

…. We’re currently talking about a better system for posting when issues
are resolved, but in the meantime, we’ll appreciate your patience as we
work to make our Maps product better. Thanks for the feedback–even
when it may not be apparent that Google is paying attention, we are
working to do better.

Dealing with the vagaries of Maps has been, at best, a frustrating experience. Between the bugs, the unknowns and the lack of communication from Google, solutions have been hard to come by. I certainly welcome a more open Google. I can only hope that they perceive the need to respond in internet time, not Google time and that they respond in a forthright fashion.

To our Maps Guide Jen, I say: Welcome to the party!