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Understanding Google My Business & Local Search

Google Maps Record Failure Update- Health Improving

In late February I reported on a Maps Record failure with a medical listing where the record had been conflated with another physician and it turns out with a hospital as well (image of physician mixup / image of hospital-dr. mix up). I reported the problem to the Google Groups for Business forum.

The problem had not been resolved as of March 20 so I posted again. I have not received any communication from Google but definite if uneven progress is to be reported.

The good news:
• The wrong number has been removed from the 10Pack listing,
• The wrong number has been removed from the authoritative OneBox
• The multitude of numbers have been removed from the Maps listing
• The conflated record with SJ Providence Hospital has been removed

The remaining bad news:
•The maps record still has some gender & ethnicity confusion as it
still has the following listed for Dr. Schubiner (a white, Jewish, male):
Physician Name‎: Yasoda Modali (MD)
Educational Experience‎: Andhra Pradesh University Of Health
Sciences, Gandhi Medical College
Professional Certification‎: Psychiatry
Gender‎: Female

The slightly bad news (I mean it could be worse)
•There is no phone number listed in either the authoritative
Local OneBox or the Local 10-Pack

The not so bad news
•They have associated someone else’s reviews with the record


So while there has been a lack of any feedback to my posting there has been some progress to report. I have no idea if the progress would have occurred without my posting at the group or whether Map’s Guide Jen was busily at work behind the scenes to avoid another poison pen letter from me. Regardless, it is getting better. He doesn’t mind the ambiguity but if I could just get his sex changed before his mother sees it, life would be good.mergedrecord2.jpg