Nominees in Local Search category: 2008 SEMMY Awards

2008 SEMMY NomineeThe following are the nominees in the Local Search category for the 2008 SEMMY Awards. The judge(s) will narrow this group down to 5-6 finalists. Congratulations to all nominees! Thanks for the recognition!

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
Nominees in Local Search category: 2008 SEMMY Awards by

4 thoughts on “Nominees in Local Search category: 2008 SEMMY Awards”

  1. Pretty cool, huh, Mike?

    I’m excited about the concept of these awards and extremely happy to see an awards entity giving local search such prominent importance. Yipee and good luck to you!

  2. What do you think of the new Google Maps/Local results presentation in the SERPs today. Could this be a possible outcome from Google Local Symposium? A local search returned up to 10 results next to the map section instead of the typical 3.
    While I noticed the results earlier today, others whom I asked to test it from different cities got the standard A, B, C…not the A-J results.
    This could be a definite victory for local business if this Google Maps/Local presentation continues. Don’t you think?
    Local Business Search Marketing

  3. Hi Local

    The appearance of the 10 results in the One box is of interest although I couldn’t repeat the results when I finally got back to my computer. The question for Google is: do the top 10 local listings provide more relevancy than 3 local + the organic results. My inclination is to say yes as Google’s local results have improved over the past year.

    The question for the business owner is why 3? I am glad to see Google testing this as there is no good reason for just 3. Determining the “right” number is another question altogether. At some point their value is diluted by the quantity.


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