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Understanding Google My Business & Local Search

Nominations for Rubber Chicken SEM Humor Award (aka the Columbo Award)

Updated 12/24/07 Our nominations are in. We have closed the nomination period and are now moving to the next stage of the process. The final standings will be announced before the end of the year at SEL!Take a look, give us your reader’s choice nomination for the best…..They range from the mundane to the profane. Please double check the list to make sure I didn’t miss your article or title….

  1. Want traffic? Rank for High Traffic Keywords…
  2. Best answer to one of my questions – EVER period
  3. Google Spam Team Do Lunch…
  4. We Add Words to AdWords… Google Subtracts them
  5. 10 of the Worst Names Ever
  6. Lessons on Blogging
  7. The Top 10 Dumbest Web Site Decisions
  8. Dumbass of the Week
  9. Google’s 5 sure-fire steps to safer indexing
  10. Why eBay and Wikipedia rule Google’s SERPs,
  11. SEOs home alone – Google’s nightmare
  12. Please don’t run your counter on my servers
  13. 13 Things to Do When Your Loved One is Away at Conferences
  14. Google offers new solution for Mapspam removal: Goodoo
  15. SEO High School Confidential – Premiere Edition!
  16. 5 Ways Jason Calacanis Will Revolutionize Your Life in 2008 (By Going Old School)
  17. Google Knol – Bestest Article Site EVER
  18. Technical Challenges at Google
  19. The Sphinn Awards – Part I & The Sphinn Awards –Part II.
  20. Top 21 Signs You Need a Break From SEO (2007 version)
  21. 10 Signs That You May Be a Blog Addict
  22. Are All Googlers Cat Lovers?
  23. The SEO’s Guide to Beginners
  24. MSN, You Piss Me Off
  25. Jill Whalen -vs- SEO Hack
  26. the search engine marketer and the perfect storm…
  27. Knol, Squidoo & the truth from the google blog…
  28. The original blogger… Doogie Howser
  29. How To Get On Google Front Page – Guaranteed
  30. The Great Google Bitch Slap
  31. Introducing The Google Condom
  32. SEOmoz’s Unusual SearchTerms from the Month of November
  33. How about Larry and Sergey as the Ghoulgle?
  34. Expose Yourself… Publicly!
  35. The Internet Marketer’s Nightmare
  36. Mission Accomplished—Top Ranking in Google
  37. Microsoft to Buy Digg
  38. Google Interiors – the day my house became searchable
  39. The Dark Side of SEO (Search marketing ads we would like to see)