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Understanding Google My Business & Local Search

Google offers new solution for Mapspam removal: Goodoo

From the Google Maps for Business discussion at Google Groups:

== 1 of 1 == Date: Mon, Aug 6 2007 6:01 pm

From: “Maps Guide Jen”

Hi Mike,

1)How soon can we expect to see a technological solution to this problem? Relying on vigilant readers seems to be the proverbial finger in the dam.

We’re actually working on a solution right now that isn’t just relying on the vigilance of folks such as yourself. To make the bulk upload / Local Business Center world better for everyone, I can’t really tell you anything about what we’re doing to keep these spammy listings from entering the Maps index.

2)Is there a clear statement of what is acceptable practice for bulk upload? If so where? I looked but could not find a simple summary of what was accetable practice and what wasn’t and what the consequences of unaccpetable practice would be.

No, there isn’t. We try to be nice and keep things flexible by staying out of the legal repercussions of creating a statement that would confine our users to specific uses of Google Maps. In the future, we may have to revisit the question of whether or not we need a statement such as the one you were looking for.

3)Will there be a standarized and more responsive mechanism for reporting abuse than these forums if we can expect these issues to become more prevalent?

This isn’t in the works yet, as there haven’t been enough reports to warrant one. However, if the volume continues to rise, to a point where this forum is no longer a feasible way to bring our attention to such issues, we’d definitely want to implement a better system.

4)When abuse is reported what is an appropriate timeframe to wait for a response?(I am specifically refering to the report several days ago here bulk upload abuse).

Give the guides in this group a week to get back to you. If you still don’t hear back, sacrifice a goat or vegetable of your choice. Er, I mean, write to us again :o) Cheers, Jen

Dear Jen:

I have just one more question (well maybe more than one):

In this new practice of Goodoo (those mystical steps, combining technology and ancient religious practice needed to remove mapspam or affect a change to a listing in Google Maps) is blood sacrfice permisable? What is the proper role of my Goodoo dolls of THE FOUNDERS? Is just a small pin placed into a sensitive part of their anatomy acceptable practice?