Google Maps: Will We Ever See Sunrise?

Update 10/22 about dawn: Sunrise will occur at its regularly scheduled time and place today. Google has located the lost village of Sunrise Fl. Word is that champagne is being opened for breakfast. Mimosas are being served all around.

The say that it is always darkest hour just before the dawn. The seems particularly true for the businesses of Sunrise, Fl whose town seems to have been misplaced by Google for the second time in two years. As Sherry Tannozzini, owner of Flowers from the Rainflorist, noted in her blog: Google….the amazing search engine can find a gnat’s pahtootie in Mozambique but can’t keep two cities in Florida, located on opposite sides of the State and spelled differently in their right location.

Whenever a user searches for a business in Sunrise, FL, located on the east coast of Florida, the results are returned for businesses in Sarasota, Fl. which is on the west coast of Florida (Sunset, FL?).

The change, which was fixed at one time during the pre TeleAtlas times, seems to have reverted to bad data as a result of the recent Google Maps switch from use of TeleAtlas base map data to using their own.

The error was reported via the Google Maps Report An Error link and via the forums. It will be an interesting test to see how quickly Google is able to respond to serious Map errors.

In the Google Maps Report a Problem FAQ Google notes:

In some cases we might not be able to immediately confirm a solution to your problem. Please be patient. As more people tell us about the issue, we’ll have more information that we can use to verify the fix we need to make. Remember, if you sign in and let us know you want to be kept updated, we’ll keep you posted on any changes to the status of your issue.

I only have one question for the folks of Sunrise:
Are residents called Sunriseans?

I have one question for Google:
How exactly are towns misplaced?

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
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11 thoughts on “Google Maps: Will We Ever See Sunrise?”

  1. Funny that they ( Google) can release a program to “build” three dimensional buildings……but can’t keep two Cities in the same State in their correct sides of the State….
    From the Google release….
    “You can give your inner architect a virtual go with a new piece of software from Google. It’s called Building Maker, the newest part of Google Earth.

    Its aim is to bring the art of 3D building design to the masses.

    “That’s the goal of Building Maker, to make it more possible for the mortal to make 3D models. You used to have to be an expert,” says Google spokesman Tilman Reinhardt. ”

    Now once I build my building will I be able to find it..apparently not if it is located in Sunrise, Fl..but Hey..Sarasota has a shot at it dont cha think?
    The poor businesses in Sunrise….have they found you yet????

    1. @S

      The world is rich in irony and Google is a major contributor to it, thats for sure. “Don’t sweat the small stuff” might be their motto. A town here, a town there…who is gonna miss sunrise? 🙂

  2. I did a few searches myself Sunrise Flower Shops, Sunrise Parks and Sunrise Post Office. They all point to Sarasota. Google must be on vacation. I understand this has been going on for more than three weeks.

    Sunrise Fl Flower Shops

    Sunrise Fl Parks

    even the post office …..

  3. Ok so it’s fixed..since I can always use a little cashola..any takers on the odds that it will not last…I mean, they let it happen before so I am throwing in my $ 5 now…I say less than 6 weeks…will donate my winnings or losses to your fav charity…

  4. Thanks to the great blog about our horrible situation, our shop and the rest of the City of Sunrise businesses are now up and located in the right part of the State…! I can’t begin to tell you the loss of revenues to just us and in talking to several small businesses, they all felt the impact of not being listed….search engine power is awesome when it works. I just hope that the powers that be at Google will test things out before they make changes and that they also set up a better communication system for getting problems solved…oh, wait..we have you! Scratch that for Google…we can Blumen-thalgle! …
    Thanks Mike for taking this on for all of the small businesses in the City of Sunrise…the east coast of Florida…in the burbs of Ft Lauderdale, Fl
    Sher Tannozzini
    Flowers From The Rainflorist

  5. My apologies for the delay of this posting however the Greater Sunrise Chamber of Commerce would like to sincerely thank you and the Flowers from the Rainflorist for your efforts with rectifying the Google search issue. It was somewhat disconcerting to search for “Chambers in Sunrise” only to find that it was easier to find a Chamber on the west coast of Florida. Your tenacity resolved this issue when no one else would listen. Again, our heartfelt thanks.

  6. Well the latest update
    Sunrise has been lost again to Google! Now I am hardly an expert at even keeping my desk organized but how can they misplace the whole City of Sunrise, move it across the State of Florida…not once, not twice, not three times….but here we are again…lost in googlespace…..holy crapzoid…beam us back and get our Local Business listings on the right side of the State…and maybe keep us there. As annoying as it is, it is also costly …search for florists in sunrise and you are going to be sent to Sarasota! Major loss of revenue…and we are even a google favorite place…they just cant seem to keep us in the right place….And yes, I do look different than the last post…its the large nuggie on my forehead from banging my head on the wall…please help me stay on the east side of the State of Florida where we belong!
    Flowers From The Rainflorist
    Sunrise, Fl

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