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Understanding Google My Business & Local Search

Mike B Around the InterWebs

As a reminder, the FeedBurner email feed of my posts is going away. I would suggest that if you want to follow my writing that you subscribe to the Near Media Newsletter where I am joining David Mihm and Greg Sterling to focus on local search, social and commerce.

Some recent writings and podcasts:

Amazon’s Ruthless Efficiencies In Amazon’s efficiencies and ruthlessness we see all of the contradictions of American commerce and culture. Note that the cartooned we created for this article is probably NOT PG rated.

Podcasts & Video

The Near Memo, Episode 13 5/1/2021 with David Mihm and Greg Sterling
Is Apple being paternalistic to not allow advertisers to provide ATT incentives? Can Yelp make their way with transactions? Amazon, amazing profits, amazing (& ruthless) efficiencies

The Near Memo, Episode 12 4/24/2021
Zagat reviews, but shorter and more visual, rise from the Google ashes; The FTC ability to levy fines as a deterrent is knee capped by SCOTUS; Apple privacy changes AND review capability coming this week.

Last Week in Local for Week Ending May 3, 2021 with Carrie Hill & Mary Bowling, Links to all articles on LocalU
Conversion pointers for website content, why you should still be building some citations & more

Last Week in Local April,26 2021
Restaurant staffing “woes”, privacy moves from Google & Facebook, Local Car dealership results, and much more.