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Understanding Google My Business & Local Search

Mike B Around the Internet

GetFiveStars: Google Write a Review Link Generator – Free Chrome Extension
Sometimes big things come in very small packages. Easily being able to generate the Google Write a Review link for service area businesses has not been readily available. This Chrome extension will do that in 0 seconds flat.

LocalU Deep Dive: Interview with Cindy Krum – Is Mobile First Indexing Really Entity First Indexing?
Cindy thinks, and I agree with her very interesting thesis, that mobile first indexing is really about a paradigm shift for Google search away from blue links towards entity based answers. Cindy is alway exciting to chat with. She will be at LocalU Advanced on April 12 if you want to hear from her in person.

Available as a video, transcript or a podcast at your favorite podcast site.

MozPod: Make the Most of Google Q&A, with Mike Blumenthal
I had a great podcast with Brin Childs with the ins and outs of Q & A

Streetfight: An eBook on Google Q&A: Everything You Wanted to Know and More
I look at Google Q & A from the multi location perspective and why the Walmarts and Home Depots of the world need to start thinking about it and soon.

Streetfight: Q&A, Reviews, and Fake News on Google: False Content Is Not Just a Facebook Problem
David Mihm and I go on a rant about Google being as guilty as Facebook of leaving deceptive local listings and reviews up for the world to see.

LocalU:  Last Week in Local April 2, 2018
Mary Bowling and I cover everything from strategic to tactical articles in that are impacting the world of local search.