Google Local Spam Hall of Shame – The Naming Wars

I have previously noted naming abuses in the jewelry world around Toronto. Every once in a while I attempt to edit them for some rational outcome.

Rational outcomes though are sorely not part of the current Google business name edit world.

I rename, get approved, owner (or seo on their behalf) changes back. Rinse, Repeat. Rinse, repeat. Rinse, repeat.

Being a Local Guide Extraordinaire, my edits are instantly approved, over and over.  How sweet.

Google is nothing if not consistent.

Either the rules are the rules. Or they are NOT the rules. Make up my mind so I can exit the hamster wheel (OK I don’t need Google’s permission… I might just stop) .


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Google Local Spam Hall of Shame - The Naming Wars by

9 thoughts on “Google Local Spam Hall of Shame – The Naming Wars”

  1. Surely this can’t be so difficult for Google to improve upon. A quick comparison between Glitz’s GMB listing and their other citations surfacing in Google reveals what their official name is. I just don’t get it. Btw, are you retaining your Google Local Guide points when your edits are undone?

  2. @Ewan

    I get new points EACH time I edit… at this rate I might win a 30 day free subscription to some expensive annual publication if I am not carful.

  3. With a near irresistible incentive like that, one could be tempted to set up Google alerts for all those listings where the name keeps reverting to a spammy version.

  4. I am actually trying to get Google to remove a spammy and incorrect mall association Google has added to my client listing business name….for more than a week, Google is showing King Of Prussia next to my clients store name in Chicago, talk about mixed messages from Google.

  5. I’m having some difficulty getting lead gen GMB listings removed they are all over the place – some of them are quite well put together – whoever is monitoring my edits might be a bit too conservative.

  6. This makes me so frustrated. I also keep editing the same businesses over and over again. What’s laughable is this “Success! Your edit is live!” message on the listings that already changed their names back to descriptive.

  7. Mike,
    One thing I’ve wondered about this, in the absence of MapMaker: how are you determining that the owner is the one changing the name back? How are you checking? I’ve wondered if names ever revert back automatically or if it is always the owner doing it.

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