Google My Business Now Officially Supports Video

Colan Nielson of Sterling Sky spotted the video option in the Google My Business dashboard starting to appear last week. Google has now officially announced that every dashboard now has the feature to see what videos consumers have uploaded and to upload your own.

How it works:

Videos will appear in the overview tab of the Google My Business Dashboard Customer uploaded videos can be found in the ‘customer’ tab Merchant uploaded videos can be found in the ‘by owner’ tab All videos can be viewed together in the ‘videos’ tab After upload it could take up to 24 hours for the videos to appear. Once live, they will display where local photos do.

In addition to uploading videos, merchants will have the ability to flag inappropriate videos through their dashboard. Native mobile support and notifications for new customer videos are coming soon.

The feature is available via the Photos tab:

Videos on Google Maps first seen on the consumer side of Maps in late August and added to the API at the time of the last update.

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13 thoughts on “Google My Business Now Officially Supports Video”

  1. Same rules as they’ve been since Local Guides have been able to upload them starting in August from what you can tell?

  2. @maurice
    I thought that google sad world wide. Please keep us posted

    To get an avatar use the product called Gravatar.

  3. ok, I have a question for Andy and Paul. How can I do so that my profile is seen in a “Follow”? When using the MOZ app it seen “No Follow”.
    Does anyone know what I’m talking about?

  4. Hi Mike, I recently noticed that Google seems to be phasing out the logo within in the image section.

    Can anyone confirm, that not every GMB dashboard has logos available anymore?


  5. @Nicolai
    Yes they did remove the logo option from the selections. You can still upload a logo just to the standard image upload space.

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