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Understanding Google My Business & Local Search

Google My Business Using Pop Up Ads to Pitch Adwords Express

Many have asked whether Google would monetize Posts (or Websites, or Messaging or Insights or…). My thinking is that they will not monetize it directly but will use it as a reason for a business to come back to the Google My Business Dashboard where they can sell them Adwords.

And not actually Adwords but Adwords Express, which while we weren’t looking has become both powerful AND cheap (for how long?). Truly a self serve product that no longer needs a reseller to effectively execute….. tell Google your goal and your geographic marketing and voila you have a functioning AND functional ad on the cheap.

With each new feature Google has also increased their email notifications. Clearly they want the SMB back into the Dashboard and are going to get them there by hook or crook.

Historically, AdWords Express has just been one “card” amongst many in an ever growing more crowded dashboard. No more sissy stuff.  The gloves are off.

I saw this “pop up” this AM. With probably 10 million verified businesses in the US and ever more reasons to visit the dashboard, Adwords Express is clearly getting the push to be Google’s path to monetize the SMB world.

Which is not to say they won’t ever monetize Posts.  I would never say never in the money arena with Google  just not now and not the current product. It is always a possibility just one I don’t think is likely.